About the Blog

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After many years of thinking about writing a blog I finally decided to do it. Primarily because I am increasingly finding that I have something to say about what is going on. The blog will focus on information security, privacy and electronic voting - the areas I currently do research on. There may be the occasional post about life as an academic and travelling, but they will be the exception not the norm.

Blogging Platform

Rather than using WordPress of any other CMS I have decided to host the blog myself and use Jekyll to create a static website from my posts. Why a static website? Simply because the overhead required to maintain a dynamic site or CMS is just too much. Likewise, I have not enabled comments due to the amount of time it would take to moderate spam and the security vulnerabilities that they could introduce.

Security analysis of the NHS COVID-19 App

Detailed security analysis of the NHS COVID-19 App by Chris Culnane and Vanessa Teague Continue reading